Monday, 31 August 2009

Journal - Day I left Austin to New York

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York


Going to NYC.

Sitting in Chicago airport.

Laid in bed last night - worries, fears, doubts. Apartment empty, possessions in bags. Prayed to God for sign. Looked under bed. Found missing documents for car that I needed in order to sell - GO! No fears, worries or doubts - if they come up, deal with them. I love her. Love being with her. She's sweet to me. Says the most amazing things (and some of the most fucked up bizarre). Will give it what I've got, do the best I can do. Won't hold back. Will trust her implicitly. If she breaks or abuses my heart, deal with it. If I have to leave, will go - stay in Brooklyn. Ecuador will be amazing - finish book. Thank God for that crazy fucking woman. May never have gotten out of Austin without her. The cord has been cut. Here we go. Delirium... feels great. Threw away extra clothes in Austin airport from bags that couldn't be checked. Needed that.

Prayed to God.

He said I was on the right track.


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