Saturday, 1 August 2009


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

We drove into the night out of the dreary rain soaked streets of Manhattan looking for a little peace and quiet, a little relaxation, and a little time alone. The house Upstate was three and half uncomfortable hours away in the car on wet moonlit roads winding through the dark forest. Every bone in my body ached. Every muscle screamed with each fidgeting adjustment in the seat as I tried to stay awake and keep my eyes on the road, Marie with her hand on my leg as the radio played to our thoughts. A half an hour to the house and I couldn't go anymore. I had to pull over. Marie drove. My body unwound.

It was around midnight as we dropped our bags on the floor of the empty house. Marc and Molly were out of the country. The house was ours alone. Marie put some water on for tea as I put a movie in and threw some blankets on the couch to cuddle up under.

Under the blankets nestled in together we held our cups of tea on our laps as the movie started. This was quality time. Just me and her. Precious. Rare. Simple. Beautiful. Warm and safe with my baby.

I was the first to go, the warm water spilling in my lap as the cup tipped over, jolting me up as Marie laughed and I tried to keep my eyes open. Just a little more quality time. A few minutes later Marie's cupped tipped over as she nodded off, me laughing as she woke to the water that covered us both. It was time for bed.

Quality time...


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