Saturday, 29 August 2009

Please, Please, Baby, Baby, Come Back Home

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

"Please, please baby, baby, come back home. It's so cold and dark here all alone. If you come back, I promise I'll be good. If you come home baby, I'll act like I should." Dwight Yokam

To paraphrase Hank Williams the III: I don't need nobody to call me on the phone. I don't need no one to come by the home. Thinkin' of you is all I do. People can call or come by, I don't care what they do. I'm not payin' attention to what the hell they do, cuz baby, I'm only thinkin' of you. I'm not lonely, I'm just lonesome for you. I'm not blue, I'm just lonesome for you.

Marie, I miss you.
I need you.
New York City feels empty without you.
No one asks me how I'm doing but you.
No one asks me about my day but you.
No one touches my face but you.
No one runs their fingers through my hair but you.
This place doesn't feel like a home without you.
Marie, I love you.
There's no one to hold my hand without you.
There's no one to hold me at night without you.
There's no one who makes me feel the way you do.
I walk the streets alone without you, wondering what I'd do without you.
I lose my reference point without you.
There's no one waiting at home without you.
It's still life without you.
It's just not as full a life without you.
I love you.


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