Saturday, 7 February 2009

Ray Of Hope

Helotes, Texas

The day of the big Jewish wedding reception came quickly. The bands were pulling in and shuttle bus loads of Jewish wedding goers began rolling up. And by the time we'd put our finishing lighting touches on the event and'd been shooed out of sight by the party planners, Asa and I were ready to get drunk. Jimmy, our truck driver Mike, and Nick our fearlessly stoned leader were going to stay on call for the event in case of trouble. Asa and I, however, were going to get drunk and hopefully cause trouble.
So we got in my car sped towards the nearest liquor store a half an hour away in a barren wasteland of strip malls on the outskirts of San Antonio where we stocked up on “Sippin’ Sauce” for Jimmy – Johnny Walker Black Label; cheap beer for Asa, Nick, and Mike, while I stocked up on Blue Moon beer. My body was so wrecked from the week of 12-16 hour days and I had such a thirst that by the time Asa and I'd made it back to the site I'd dipped into Jimmy’s sippin’ sauce and'd finished off more than a few of my Blue Moons.
It was a full moon out. And it was going to be one of those nights. It was in the air.
By the time the wedding party was in full effect we were having our own party out in the woods behind the catering tent and band dressing rooms. The doors to my car were open with the music blasting and most of the people from the different crews that'd worked on putting the event together were gathered in a semi-circle on the ground like we were at a keg party in high school passing bottles and joints.
In the midst of this Asa and I decided to go and scout out the party and get a look at the wealthy and bored crowd. After deciding that we weren’t missing anything by not having any money we walked the grounds stumbling upon Marie and some of her co-workers ensconced in a corner of a courtyard in an outdoor sitting area under strands of string lights. Marie's tanned skin gleamed in the slight haze of my alcohol buzz and I threw myself down beside her on the love seat that she was reclining languidly on. And by the time that I'd told her gay co-worker that I'd marry him if I were gay too Marie'd gone to get us a couple drinks from the bar. And I saw my opening. There was a ray of hope as she sauntered back with our whiskey on the rocks.
I was going to get laid.


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