Saturday, 7 February 2009

On Her Scent!

Helotes, Texas

The rest of the week that we spent on the job at the old haunted military fort I tried to seduce Marie without even the slightest response or acknowledgment from her. As far as I could tell, to her, I didn’t exist. Asa'd made better inroads than me, which was surprising, considering he is a beast of a man without a conscience or a soul. Nonetheless he'd managed through his powers of talk, his comedic skills and his ample stash of opiates to wrangle one of cutest girls from the fancy design firm into our room nightly for a few beers, a few pills and a little making out. It was disgusting to behold. The first time they made out in front of me in the other bed I thought that I would hurl. No man should have to witness Asa Tom manhandling a woman. And despite the fact that the girl was able to coax Marie to our room for some of Jimmy’s stash of herb I still wasn’t making out. I threw everything at her, my whole arsenal of charm, wit, comedy, verbal wrangling, seductive looks and poses, my 10th grade French and even a few thinly veiled threats to simply fuck her. None of it was working. The best I could seem to do was to simply get her to laugh now and then. Asa, on the other hand was a magician, and is probably one of the funniest people on the face of the earth. He managed to make the girls snort with laughter on more than one occasion. Without him I would have been dead in the water. And between the three of us: Jimmy “The Kid”, Asa “The Indian”, and me, we managed to keep them entertained and stoned enough to keep coming around long enough for Asa to touch tit and for me to seem like a fairly harmless guy. But in fact, the only harmless guy in the room was our fearlessly stoned, middle aged, married crew leader who got so high that he sat in the corner and giggled like one of the girls. And although I don’t think that Marie even knew my name at that point, I wasn’t deterred. I had her scent.


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