Tuesday, 23 February 2010


1st Arrondissement, Paris

The weather is breaking towards warmer here in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris on the banks of the Seine. It looks like we might be able to get out and explore. The cold that preceded has kept my toes feeling like icicles which has made exploration difficult. Later today: Pere Lachaise cemetery to remind ourselves that we too will come to an end. We'd better get this shit together. This is the one shot - life. And to think that I've been driveling it away working chronic fatigue inducing jobs! JESUS! There's got to be a better way... But it doesn't look like time is on my side or that it's going to be kind... Looks like it's gonna be a dogfight from here on out. Upgrade skill sets. Follow passion. Struggle. Suffer. Suffer. That's okay, my mind is sharp and my body is still intact... Plus, I'm a biter! The days here are filled with reading and writing - all I really give a shit about anymore. But it doesn't look like this misty Paris dream is gonna last forever. Work looms menacingly ominous on the horizon like a plague as Marie asks me again and again in her little sing song voice, "are we going to have a nice life together Corey?".
"That's the plan baby" I tell her. And I try to picture it... A nice little life... This is it... Whatever it is... It's all We've got...


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