Tuesday, 23 February 2010


1st Arrondissement, Paris

Visited Pere lachaise. Wandered through the stunning above ground cemetery trying to figure life out with Marie. Our conclusion: back to the drawing board. Scrap the past. Reinvent. Readjust. Follow passion and direct energy into meaningful endeavors. "I like being with you Corey" she said as we exited through the wrought iron gate back into the streets of Paris.
"I like being with you too, baby" I said as she linked her arm through mine.

Sitting at a sidewalk cafe across the street from Pere lachaise, the red eyes of the art nouveau Metro arch watch the white sphere of the sun dissolve into the watercolor blue of the sky. The 20th Arrondissement: people out in force to feel the promise of Spring air; Belville neighborhood?; people seem more down to earth than the trendy, slightly stuffy 1st Arrondissement where we are staying - no shiny puffy ski parka type jackets that have started to drive me crazy as they seem to be the must have garment for the fashionably in-crowd in Paris. Slightly strange woman at the creperie chats me up as I wait to order, thinks I'm French, invites me for a drink despite my nods glances towards Marie identifying her as my girlfriend sitting a few feet from where we stand - Spring is in the air - ah, the French.

Marie and I make plans sipping chocolat au chaud to get out and explore each day from now on.

So much too see... So little time...


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