Thursday, 20 May 2010

I Live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

I live in brooklyn, new york. I do security at a trendy hip hotel. I read, write, love, complain n watch movies n tv shows on the dvd player n netflix online. I get overpriced haircuts that make me look strange to myself most of the time... haircare is important in nyc. I vacuum our four room railcar on Sundays when I'm off work. I blog n take clothes to be washed at the laundromat down the street where i try to speak spanish with the people who work there. I like clothes n sometimes trade old ones for other ones at buffalo exchange. Sometimes i buy clothes at the salvation army. Sometimes i buy new clothes and shoes online, on the cheap. I exercise in the apartment. Marie likes to watch me. Sometimes we'll have sex afterward. I take vitamins. My back n hip hurt from years of manual labor. Sometimes I think I have demons. I read on the subway. I'm depressive by nature n think i was only really ever happy when i was a kid. I don't have much patience for arbitrary things. I find most things arbitrary. I like cologne. I think i'd like to be a cagefigheter. I like to find things funny because i find most things sad n I don't think i've found enough funny lately n that makes me sad. I like to flirt with girls but i only like to have one girl n don't like to cheat or be cheated on as cheating hurts. I like to think i'm a good guy n usually am but sometimes i'm not. I act like i know everything n think i do but know i don't. And the other day i found out that i can get on the roof of our building n see the sun n the skyline of manhattan n i like livin' in brooklyn a whole lot better now.


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