Monday, 12 April 2010

New York City Blues

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Back in New York City and the Rat Race, feeling trapped, looking for a way out. School seems the only hope for meaningful change. Got a new job doing security. Steady paycheck. Decent, but late hours. May be manageable with school.

Marie's gone back to the event production thing. She comes home beat, a fatigued distance filling her eyes as she fades restlessly into sleep, the alarm clock urgently chasing her back out of the sheets.

She wakes me to watch her dress before she leaves so as not to go unseen again throughout her day.

We pass each other like ghosts in the waiting rooms of our lives.

I dress and leave. New Yorkers look like shadows searching for themselves in the subways and the streets as the darkness settles in.

At work the faces swirl, endlessly around me, lost in a sea of churning people.

Ennui settles in.

Keep thoughts on the horizon.


Deep burning red sunsets over great expanses of Texas sage and pine.


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