Friday, 13 March 2009

Ecuadorian Update


Apparently the cops in Texas have been hot on my tail, tracking me down at last known addresses and leaving notes on doors threatening felonies and such. Well, they can kiss my ass. It's all a minor misunderstanding about a car, and it's in the process of sorting itself out... so chill out Cops. And what can I say, except that things were moving quickly when I was packing up to leave Austin, and some small details fell through the cracks. But it'll all be resolved shortly. And if not, well, I'm in South America (come and get me motherfuckers). Ahhh, life, I've been makin' a grand mess of it for a while now. That's become evident since I've been working on this rambling, blabbering confessional that I've been trying to turn into a book - GOD PLEASE HELP ME. Jesus, my poor mother. Mom, I'm sorry. Maybe what I've written has some sort of value or worth beyond exposing my faults and flaws as a person, or maybe it's just the vomit of a sick head. But either way, mom, I'm sorry, and I love you and I hope that you never read it. I've been working on it as much as can since I've been here, and I'm at a stopping point with it, and don't know if there's anything that I can do to it at this point to make it any better. I need some outside input. So, if anyone out there has any contacts or advice as far as an editor is concerned, I could use it. Marie's been working on her book as well, which I scanned over tonight and tried to format a little to make the structure consistent, and I have to say that Marie and I would have one hell of a handful of a kid if we ever got pregnant. And it would probably be best for the kid if a nanny or someone watched it a lot to give it a better chance of survival in the world. Having said that, I like what Marie's got book wise. It's a lot better than what I've got. And maybe we could adopt? There's some kids down here that could use a home. Maybe we'll get one before we go, to help around the apartment in Brooklyn? So I've been reading what she's got, and she's been reading what I've got, and I guess that it's pretty poignant (or something like that) that we've got each other considering what we've written. And thinking about it now, I think that's the way we should push this thing - both the books need to be published simultaneously and marketed as a team. I can imagine Oprah crying or (calling the men in white coats) while interviewing the two of us. Shoot, if that interview happens I'm jumping for joy on her fucking yellow couch.
It's coming together. It's happening. It'll work out...


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